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Peshay’s rise through the drum’n’bass scene has been nothing short of meteoric. Respected worldwide for his releases on labels such as Metalheadz, Good Looking, Mo Wax and Universal Island to name but a few. His ability to produce at the highest levels and his excellence behind the decks is legendary. When he DJs, 4-minute mixes are the norm and the excitement that he generates describe Peshay perfectly. Always on the go, hyperactive, talkative and passionate. Whilst growing up, Peshay found himself listening to an assortment of music ranging from opera to electro. His love for the new house scene developing in the early 80’s made him decide that as far as making a living was concerned this was the path he wished to follow. Peshay left his job in the printing industry and decided to concentrate full time on his musical career. He bought a pair of Technics and started sending tapes out to promoters which led to his first break at Bass Box in April 91. He also went on to play for Genesis at Rollers Express, Fascination at Tasco Warehouse and both Dreamscape & Fantazia.

DJ Peshay
Peshay is a DJ and music producer
Peshay’s already revered DJ’ing ability helped him to secure regular bookings all over the world. His first recordings came about after hooking up with the infamous BAY B KANE for the “RETURN OF BAY B KANE EP” with the track “QUARTER TO DOOM” and then BIZZY B with the “2 DOPE EP.” Both lit up the rave scene in 1992. A collab with DAVE CHARLESWORTH at ADR and the “CATCH IT” track was also released to acclaim. Meeting GOLDIE one evening led to Peshay meeting DEGO and GUS at REINFORCED. The now fabled “PROTÉGÉ EP” was released bringing Peshay into the spotlight. The EP cemented Peshay’s place in the rave scene and led to a huge demand for his works. At a Dreamscape event in 1992 LTJ BUKEM introduced himself to Peshay. It was this meeting that eventually led to a joint collaboration which produced “19.5”. Peshays first solo outings, the awesome “PIANO TUNE & VOCAL TUNE”, now all acclaimed classics for the GOOD LOOKING imprint followed. Then due to an illness, Peshay was unable to DJ or produce for nearly two years. His comeback session at the METALHEADZ BLUENOTE CLUB is still talked about today. It wasn’t long before Peshay had re-established himself both behind the decks and in the recording studio.
After a couple of projects for BASEMENT RECORDS which include “FUTURAMA” and “ROLL THE BEATS”, Peshay produced “PSYCHOSIS”, “PREDATOR”, “ON THE NILE” and “NOCTURNAL” as well as a host of remixes for METALHEADZ. Peshay also contributed to the acclaimed “LOGICAL PROGRESSION” and “PLATINUM BREAKS” albums with FFRR as well as being chosen to remix both releases from the acclaimed album “TIMELESS” by GOLDIE, as well as stinging remixes of LTJ Bukem’s “MUSIC” and GALLIANO’s “FREEFALL.” Peshay was signed by JAMES LAVELLE to MO WAX in late 1995. Peshay locked himself away in the studio for almost a year finishing his debut album. Suddenly everything came to a grinding halt, as ‘merger mania’ in the record industry came rumbling into Peshays life.By the end of 1998 Peshay finally found himself at ISLAND RECORDS. The critically acclaimed album “MILES FROM HOME” was released in 1999 on Island BLUE Records, the label managed by ROSS ALLEN. The album was received extremely well, featuring many positive reviews worldwide. Peshay was invited to contribute to the classic V RECORDINGS album – PLANET V with a track called “AMAZON.” In 2001 Peshay was a winner of the DJ AWARDS at PACHA IBIZA where he won the Drum & Bass category. All the worlds legendary DJs were there, including Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Timo Maas, Danny Tenaglia, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Jeff Mills and many others.
Celebrated music producer - DJ Peshay
Peshay - DJ, record producer, remixer and composer

Peshay released tracks such as “YOU GOT ME BURNING”, “MILES FROM HOME” (Remix), “FUZION”, “SATISFY MY LOVE”, “HOUSE OF SOUND” and “JAMMIN”. Many of the tracks were included on the highly acclaimed album “FUZION” album. Peshay’s remix credits include artists such as GALLIANO, JAY DEE, JOHN COLTRANE, PHOTEK, CARL CRAIG, GOLDIE, INGRID SCHROEDER, LTJ BUKEM, DJ DIE, DJ SHADOW and COURTNEY PINE to name but a few. Always choosing to remix tunes he personally likes has produced an impressive catalogue of quality dance tracks over the last 22 years. In March 2013 Peshay released the “FUNKSTER EP” on V Recordings, a six-track Ep that was received across musical genres and displayed Peshay’s versatility as a producer. He also released a track on the Liquid V release “CLUB SESSIONS VOL.5″ called “BUGSY”. In 2013 Peshay joined up with TRU THOUGHTS Recordings and released an album entitled “GENERATION”. It spanned many different styles of music and incoorporated many different tempos. The album received support from GILLES PETERSON, CRAIG CHARLES, DON LETTS, HUEY MORGAN, PETE GOODING, ROBERT LUIS, JASON BENTLEY, PATRICK FORGE, EDWARD ADOO, KEV BEADLE, SIMON HARRISON and many more.

In 2018 Peshay returned for an album on DE-TUNED RECORDS called “REFLECTIONS” which was a nod to the golden age of drum and bass with a modern touch. In 2018 Peshay also released a 12″ for Infrared records, then followed up in 2019 with the 4 track EP called “Angels and Demons.”

In 2019 Peshay’s long awaited label ‘PESHAY MUSIC’ was born. The new imprint serves as a home for the music of Peshay moving forward. Peshay Music is a melting pot of all electronic music and will hold no boundaries or expectations when it comes to releases. Peshay is free to express his unrivalled creativity for all his solo works and selected collaborations.

With twenty releases already under the labels belt and wide support from the electronic music community one thing is clear, Peshay, has stood the test of time and is here to stay. Stay tuned as there is a lot more in the pipeline waiting to hit the airwaves!

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