Dreamer by Peshay ft. Abbie Adi contains Rhodes piano, strings, pads, live bass and horns to name a few and all comes together with the vocals to create a harmonic vibe that is undeniably powerful yet sultry at the same time. The vocals are powerful but at the same time dreamy and is again another example of the vibe typical of Peshay Music.

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Peshay Music returns with another track by head honcho Peshay Ft Abbie Adi called Dreamer. Dreamer is the second collab on the label by Peshay and Abbie and is another slice of the summer. Dreamer is a soulful piece of music with strong vocals and rollin’ beats, creating a warm feeling track that works on the dance floor as well as at home. Coming from a gospel background, Abbie shows her power vocally, but at the same time demonstrates her great vocal control on the softer parts of the track.

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