Elysian by Peshay & Steppa starts off with warm soft pads and piano and builds and builds into a crescendo until it drops and takes you on a journey. It’s melancholy, but at the same time uplifting, a blend of emotions not found too often in drum and bass music these days. Peshay & Steppa want to create the type of drum and bass tracks that contain emotion and are original.

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Elysian is the type of track that is just as good to listen to as it is to dance to. This is one of the mantras of Peshay Music, to create multi-dimensional music that works in different settings. At home or on a dance floor, but equally at home in any other setting. It is the perfect example of a track that’s the rough with the smooth as Peshay & Steppa wanted to create a track with emotion and power. Peshay & Steppa combine to make a beautiful piece of music, creating audio art that will stand the test of time.

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