Forever by Peshay is a funky fueled, boogietastic slice of infectious grooves. A nod back to the sounds and synths of the 80s Forever contains different analogue synths from the era such as Prophet V, Jupiter, Mini Moog, Arp 2600V and Matrix 12V amongst others. Peshay takes 80s vibes and transports them into 2020 with devastating effect.

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Forever by Peshay takes inspiration from genres from days gone by and adds them into new tunes. Forever incorporates the use of a talkbox, an essential 80s instrument to manipulate the sound of a vocal in a similar way to a vocoder. Using a different technique to a vocoder, but creating a vocal with a thick layer of fx on it that sounds electronic and futuristic. Talkboxs’ and Vocoders’ were widely used in the 80s and were a staple in a lot of tracks at the time. Peshay always likes to bring different elements to the table with his drum and bass productions. Always looking to create something different and out of the ordinary, striding to sound different than most!

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