Sugarhill by Peshay starts off like a hip-hop track, at half speed and then it breaks out into drum and bass. It contains a lot of the same sounds and vibe of the famous Sugar Hill Records label, especially with the rhythm guitar, the bass, synths and keyboards. It’s an uplifting, up-tempo energetic track that will work just about anywhere.

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Sugarhill by Peshay is a tribute to that defining label, Sugar Hill Records. Peshay wanted to get it as funky as possible, especially with the bass. Sugarhill is a retro-sounding funky jam that reminds the listener of the sounds of the late 70’s. Sugar Hill Records was a famous label back then, founded in 1979, featuring such artists as The Furious five West Street Mob and Grandmaster Flash to name but a few. Sugar Hill Records was a big influence on Peshay, the funky grooves really got under his skin. Sugarhill proves yet again that Peshay is exceptionally adept when it comes to funky dnb productions!

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