Superfly showcases Peshay utilising lots of different elements to create a track that is bursting with flavour. Using live bass, piano, flutes, guitars, horns, clarinets, sax, clavinet amongst others, he creates a slice of funky dnb. Superfly sounds like it came straight out of the 70’s, a funky jam that will move any dance floor!

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Superfly by Peshay starts with a tense intro, sounding like it was lifted straight from a 70’s movie, before dropping into a funky bassline and a catchy horn riff. It then twists and turns sonically through the 70’s with a distinctive funk flavour. Peshay is a big fan of 70’s music and also a lover of 70’s films with all the funk-inspired music that was around at the time. Peshay always namechecks composers like Lalo Schifrin who had a big early influence on him and his musical productions.

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