Peshay & Krazeman ft. Steppa - Underground Vol.2

Peshay & Krazeman
ft. Steppa

Underground Vol. 2





  1. Movin' On Peshay & Krazeman 1:22
  2. Underground Vol. 2 - Preview Peshay, Krazeman, Steppa 1:41
  3. Supernova Peshay 2:38
  4. Dreamer Peshay ft. Abbie Adi 3:27
  5. Red Sun Peshay & Steppa 2:43
  6. Good Vibrations Peshay ft. Abbie Adi 2:45
  7. Universalis Peshay & Vsy 2:50
  8. Bring On Down Peshay 2:30
  9. I Got The Feeling Peshay & Krazeman 2:58
  10. Superfly Peshay 3:01
  11. Stealth Peshay 2:57
  12. Covert Operations Peshay 2:35


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Peshay & Krazeman - My Boogie

My Boogie

Peshay & Krazeman - Movin' On

Movin’ On


New Double Album



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Just wanted to say thankyou to all the people that have sent me messages of support and kind wishes for me in my recovery from my accident a couple months ago. I'm getting there slowly but surely!!! ❤️😁And here is a little clip of a remix I did for someone a few months ago,will be coming soon,more info to follow.#peshayremix #dnb #drumandbass #vinyl #jungle #classicsounds #comingsoon
Hello everyone. This is @iqmgmnt
We look after Peshay. This is about his appearance at @weoutherefest 2022.Peshay was involved in a freak accident last Thursday,suffering a bad injury to his back and as a result was hospitalised for 2 days.We are happy to say that he is on the mend and is in good spirits however, performing at @weoutherefest 2022 was ultimately going to be impossible after the accident.As Peshay’s management we can tell you that he was really looking forward to playing at @weoutherefest and he was devastated that he was unable to perform. He was really looking forward to let you all hear some new material he has been hard at work on in recent months from his forthcoming new album "Chiaroscuro". We know as well from all the messages that we have received that many of you were looking forward to seeing him perform.Peshay was also looking forward to seeing @gillespeterson and checking out the other acts and experiencing the vibes this great festival has to offer.We hope very much to see you all next year at this wonderful event!!!@iqmgmnt on behalf of Peshay.#weoutherefestival #djpeshay #abbotsripton #cambridgshire #iqmanagement
American magazine @rollingstone have done a piece on Drum & Bass
"How the resurgent U.K. dance genre points to changing attitudes about music and nightlife""Sounds that actually have feeling"Playlist includes
@djpeshay - Psychosis (Metalheadz)Link In CommentsBy Michaelangelo Matos#rollingstonemagazine #psychosis #metalheadz #peshay #dnb #drumandbass
Today for Tbt we go back to 1999 for Ericsson,in conjunction with Muzik Magazine "The best new artist album" awards. @djpeshay "Miles From Home" was nominated alongside,Eminem - "Slim Shady" Basement Jaxx - "Remedy" Rae & Christian - "Northern Sulphuric Soul" and Les Rythmes Digitales - "Darkdancer"The "Miles From Home" album will be getting a re release on Peshay Music,alongside some special Remixes of "Switch", "Miles From Home" amongst others. Details incoming soon.#milesfromhome #peshay #islandrecords #blue #ericsson #muzikmagazine #awards #bestnewartistalbum #dnb #drumandbass
Today for Tbt we go back to June 2018 for the release of my album "Reflections" on @de_tunedrecords Records out of Belgium. "Reflections" was a nod to the past and days gone by with a little futuristic touch. ❤️#detuned #reflections #peshay #album #dnb #lookingback #drumandbassmemories #tbt
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