“Azure” taken from Underground Vol. 2 delivers an entrancing, soaring, sonic experience that engulfs your senses and refuses to let go. Peshay and Steppa have meticulously crafted each moment to resonate with a sense of uplifting tranquility. “Azure” provides the perfect soundscape to escape the confines of the daily grind or amp up the energy of your next adventure.

“Azure” is for the adventurers, the dreamers, and those seeking a musical companion for their journey through the landscapes of their imagination. Serene drum and bass at it’s absolute finest.

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“Azure” by Peshay & Steppa captivates with the boundless blue of the open sky. A drum and bass epic crafted by the synergy of Peshay and Steppa’s musical connection. This track is an embodiment of freedom and fluidity, designed to elevate you to new heights.

At the heart of “Azure” lies a soul-stirring melody that captures the essence of a clear blue sky — vast, open, and infinitely beautiful. The crisp production quality ensures that every beat, every note, and every transition is felt with utmost clarity.

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