New Ages


“New Ages” taken from Underground Vol. 2 engages the listener by evoking the sounds that made Peshay a household name. Heavy beats, pulsating rhythms, and vibes a plenty. This one is for the dancefloor.

Peshay and Krazeman’s “New Ages” explores modern jungle in a time of transformation. What was, what is, and what is yet to be. This is Peshay at his finest looking into the golden era whilst stepping ever forward to create a classic rhythm.

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“New Ages” by Peshay and Krazeman offers a nostalgic trip back to the origins of Peshay, a founding figure of drum and bass. Reminiscent of a Metalheadz track, Peshay & Krazeman, expertly blend the past with the present to create a contemporary, menacing flow of rhythms.

The beats are hard and heavy, pulsating through an impending rhythm that evokes images of yesteryear, yet somehow remains contemporary. Peshay & Krazeman have crafted an up-to-date drum and bass classic, exuding a distinct flair that is captivating.

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