Breakin’ by Peshay is a slice of mid 80s breakdance funk, a track that pays homage to those days of poppin’ and lockin’! Breakdance and electro were a big influence musically on Peshay in his teenage years, Breakin’ contains of all the keyboards, synths and sounds that were used in those early productions consisting of Fender guitar and bass, clavinet, Rhodes piano and Linn drums, to name a few.

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Breakin’ by Peshay has a retro feel with those party vibes back in the day when tracks were based around real instruments and when synths were becoming more popular in music productions. A lot of the great synth tracks that were released back then were born in the 80s and remain to this day an important part of Peshay’s sound today in 2020. It’s also a nod back to the days and productions of Kurtis Blow, another inspirational figure to Peshay back then. As Peshay states, “Kurtis had the funk”!

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