I Get High is a roller that drops with a deep bassline along with different piano, vocal and ambient textures and changing basslines that perfectly create that rough with the smooth vibe.

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I get high demonstrates perfectly that fusion between sounding laid back and then moving into something fiercer as the track goes on. It’s a sonic journey that moves through different emotions and whilst being very smooth in its delivery, it also has a roughness to it that creates that synonymous Peshay vibe. The track starts off in quite a serene musical manner and by the time it drops, the mood changes considerably. I get high creates that deep and melancholy feel, but at the same time is uplifting and vibey. Peshay says that he wanted to create something completely different to the previous release Warpizm, showing diversity musically being the key and creating different moods but at the same time keeping things bubbling for the dancefloor.

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