Maliblues taken from Underground Vol. 2 is a track where you embark on an offbeat sensory rollercoaster ride, promising an unforgettable journey. Let the infectious grooves and flute hooks transport you to a new realm of music pleasure.

With ‘Maliblues’, Peshay and Krazeman have further consolidated their position as avant-garde music artists, daring to stand apart and redefine the music scene with their ingenious grooves and creations.

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‘Maliblues’ Seemingly breathes new life into the drum, bass, and disco genre, it manifests a tantalising fusion of jazzy vibes coupled with infectious boogie undertones, adding an unusual yet captivating twist.

With its standout boogie-woogie rhythm, ‘Maliblues’ encapsulates a heady yet harmonic mix of breezy flute hooks and irresistible grooves. The track effortlessly exudes a sophisticated, upbeat, and alluring groove, leaving listeners swaying helplessly to its melody.

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