Watch Dis


“Watch Dis” taken from Underground Vol. 2 avoids any pretentious refinement and excessive flamboyance and remains true to its roots. The essence of the track lies in its purity, keeping the vision of simplicity, yet leaving a profound impact.

Peshay and Krazeman’s “Watch Dis” is an exploration of music’s transformative times — a respectful nod to the past, a foot tapping in the present, and a gaze steadily fixed towards the horizon of the future.

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“Watch Dis” by Peshay and Krazeman ignite a nostalgic trip back to the origins of jungle music while delivering a refreshing contemporary touch. The track harmoniously blends past with present, creating a unique soundscape that fans of the genre will appreciate.

The rhythms pulsate with authenticity, reverberating through the beats that evoke the jungle tracks of yesteryear. Both Peshay and Krazeman have masterfully infused their individuality while maintaining a vintage flair that is distinct and captivating.

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