Peshay drops mix series: Music To Your Ears

The new monthly mix, exclusively with Apple Music

Peshay, the renowned music artist, drops an enticing and welcome surprise that challenges the current status quo – a new mix series, Music To Your Ears. Conceptually, a breath of fresh air, this mix is released exclusively on Apple Music and offers a tantalising taste of the originality and artistry that made his name.

Peshay goes beyond conventional expectations with Music To Your Ears 001. He has featured only his own music productions. It’s akin to diving into a creative sea, where each ripple and wave is a testament to Peshay’s unique style. “In this new and exclusive mix series I will showcase the true essence of Peshay as a musical artist,” says Peshay. Singularly showcasing his own work imbues the mix with an essence of focus and direction that were seminal in cementing his name within music.

That being said, he is excited to deliver future mixes in the series that will feature his inspirations, “I also aim to experiment and deliver mixes containing some of my inspirations and creators that have inspired me on my journey” states Peshay.

What makes Music To Your Ears 001 even more alluring is its exquisite composition outlining Peshay’s creative narrative. Each track weaves into the next, creating a harmonious blend of sound that ensures an immersive journey for listeners. The flurry of emotions evoked by the melodies affirm the artist’s remarkable capability for resonating with his audience.

A New Mix series curated and mixed by Peshay

Peshay has always invited us into an unfiltered world of music creation, one that long-time fans and new listeners will certainly appreciate. This artiste self-reliance challenges its audience to explore and define their own musical tastes, making each listen a unique experience.

The new mix series will release on Apple Music exclusively, furthering the sense of uniqueness that pervades this endeavour. It’s more than just a musical offering – it’s a statement, a ripple in the industry’s waters. Peshay crafts a mix that doesn’t just cater to ears, but also speaks to the heart.

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