If you know anything about drum and bass and you were there when it started, or even just after, you’ll have heard about a night that literally went down in music history. The 1995 “Peshay Comeback Set” at Blue Note Sunday Session in Hoxton Square, London, UK. The fabled story has trickled down the generations over the years now residing in dnb folklore.

In 1995, when drum and bass blew up into the global force we see it as today, one if it’s foremost pioneers found himself suddenly stricken with a serious illness. Peshay, had produced and released tracks that were going to stand the test of time and solidify themselves into drum and bass history. The interest in Peshay at this time was crazy, he was DJing all over the world and releasing music that would still be talked about 30 years later. He was wanted by every major label and journalist one could think of, there wasn’t enough hours in the day.

Then, at at his peak, Peshay was knocked back by the sudden onset of an illness. He has rarely spoken about this time in years since, and the effects it has on him as, by nature, he is a forward thinking person and rarely looks back. That being said, it undoubably took its toll on him and his career at that time.


Peshay had set a date for his return to Djing, but unfortunately, his health still wasn’t where he needed it to be. He had commitments though and so, he pressed on. The first night he decided on playing would be his residency at the now legendary “Metalheadz Sunday Blue Note Session” at Hoxton Square, London. This decision would ensure that his skills as a DJ would be talked about for the next 30 years and he literally played himself into musical history.

Ask anyone who was there or who attended Blue Note at that time and they will tell you that Peshay’s comeback set was one of the greatest DJ sets anyone has ever played. Photek descibed it as “…the most incredible DJ set I’ve ever heard.” and Fabio remembered it as “One of the best sets anyone had ever heard. We all went away thinking, “Wow, we need to reassess our game.”

That night is where the famous picture was taken of Goldie shaking Peshay’s hand over the decks, everyone was literally blown away by the quality he came with, the music, the mixing, the flow, he literally took the roof off the place.

Peshay & Goldie at Metalheadz Blue Note Sunday Session


It seems only fitting that with a history that is embedded into the folklore of Metalheadz and drum and bass that Peshay will play 3 hour special Sunday Blue Note Session set on Sunday March 17th 2024 at Phonox, London.

One thing will be certain, Peshay will once again come correct in the true spirit of Blue Note. We often hear phrases like “It will be a night to remember” but how often do you hear stories of DJ sets that are talked about 30 years later? This will truly be a night to remembered.

Tickets go on sale this Friday 23rd February 2024 and you can sign up for this incredibly special experience here.

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