Peshay & Krazeman deliver indelible production masterclass with 'Movin' On'

First Single from anticipated album 'Underground Vol. 2', is available now

In the ever-evolving world of music, there are always those artists who dare to defy the trends and create something truly unique. Peshay has a rich history of being one such musician, and his latest drum and bass single, ‘Movin’ On’, released in collaboration with Krazeman, is a testament to his unwavering creativity.

Taken from his much-anticipated album ‘Underground Vol. 2‘, ‘Movin’ On’ stands out as an amazing and uplifting track that effortlessly captures the essence of Peshay’s distinctive style. From the first beat, listeners are transported on a musical journey filled with infectious energy and a sense of euphoria that won’t let go.

What has always set Peshay apart from the crowd is his ability to create music that remains true to his own vision, regardless of passing trends or popular conventions. Throughout the years, he has consistently carved out a niche of his own, one that is both refreshing and authentic. ‘Movin’ On’ serves as a shining example of this individuality, offering a sound that is undeniably Peshay.

This mesmerising composition combines intricate drum patterns, pulsating basslines, ethereal melodies and an unforgettable vocal to create a sonic landscape that captivates from start to finish. The collaboration on this track with Krazeman serves as a great start for what to expect on the forthcoming album Underground Vol.2.

Movin' On from Peshay & Krazeman is out everywhere now

Movin' On is a tantalising taste of what to expect with Underground Vol. 2

‘Movin’ On’ is officially available for download right here on Additionally, the track can be easily streamed on all major platforms HERE.

Whether you’re already a fan of Peshay’s music or new to his captivating soundscapes, ‘Movin’ On’ is a track that should not be missed. Its infectious beats and uplifting melodies are sure to lift spirits and leave listeners craving for more. With its unique blend of drum and bass elements, this single perfectly encapsulates the essence of Peshay’s musical repertoire.

Movin’ On is available everywhere now:

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